In this section you will find my protocols. I firmly believe in the importance of sharing in medical research. It is important to share and teach to others what we know. In fact, my academic training was received in academic institutions with the following philosophy: learn, remember, compare, teach and share.

Most of the protocols reported below are a combination of optimizations, help received from senior researchers and reading and integration of the practical tests with research in the literature. These protocols are for educational purposes, please feel free to share them but remember to cite the source. I personally want to thank everybody who directly or indirectly helped me to develop these protocols.  

I apologize if you find mistakes in punctuation and grammar. English is not my first language and most of those protocols were written when I was still learning English and while doing other activities in the lab. Additionally, I never had the time to perform a good revision (in terms of linguistic style) of every single protocol, except for those I used for teaching. I hope you will find something interesting and please do not hesitate to contact me. I will try my best to get back to you (in particular, if you are a student). 

And of course remember that protocols are not universally valid. Everything is based on your experimental design, cell systems etc.