April 2016: Francesco in a picture of himself with Isis (the Egyptian God), a gift from lab members for his last day as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Cleveland Clinic. Isis symbolized all of the virtues of the ideal woman and mother in ancient Egypt. She was the wife of Osiris, lord of the underworld and mother to Horus, god of the sky and of kings. Her powers of protection, healing and magic were unsurpassed. Francesco was captivated by the details of this statue (made in Egypt) during a visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art with lab members.Therefore, they decided to surprise Francesco with this gift. 

Francesco applied, and received an offer, in the laboratory of Assoc. Prof. Teresa Zimmers for studying cancer cachexia at the School of Medicine (Department of Surgery) as Postdoctoral Research Fellow. 

October 2015: Francesco in a picture of himself in a lovely teal number in memory of his mentor Dr. Elspeth Gold who died from breast cancer in August 2015. Francesco established a special connection with his mentor Elspeth Gold who shaped Francesco's academic and personal development. A Frocktober fundraising event was organized in the Department of Anatomy, New Zealand and has raised $3000 for the Cancer Society. The idea for this event came from Dr. Gold whose friends in Australia have previously been involved in Frocktober campaigns to raise funds and awareness of ovarian cancer. As the name suggests, Frokctober participants wear dresses, or frocks, to symbolize ovarian cancer as a female disease. Unfortunately, Dr. Gold could not participate to this event due to her sudden death but everybody in the department honored her wish. Francesco was happy to contribute and remember his great mentor. 


August 2015: Francesco before and after shaving his head to celebrate his 30th birthday. For this day, Francesco decided to participate to the "Brave the Shave" project (https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/803941/2015). He honored three male kids and three female kids who faced childhood cancer, and raised money to support the Childhood cancer research.


Photo with lab members April 2015 (last day with Dr. Gold and lab members).

From left to right: Sylvia Zellhuber-McMillan  (Research Technician), Francesco Elia Marino, Elspeth Gold (Principal Investigator),  Edward Ottley (PhD Student).

Francesco doesn't believe too much in celebrations. This is the reason why he decided to apply immediately for his postdoctoral position and graduating "in absentia". However, his lab fellows organized a secret small ceremony for him, including an official regalia and they asked him to wear it and take pictures as last memory in the lab. Francesco, couldn't say NO despite he doesn't like pictures.

Francesco and his mentor Elspeth Gold (in this picture Elspeth was fighting a terminal disease.However, her love for students was so strong that she wanted to be present until the very last moment). 


Francesco and Karen Reader, Research Fellow who joined the Gold lab when Francesco left. 






Pictures from the 2nd Cancer Cachexia conference "Evolving Mechanisms and Therapies". Montreal, Canada. 26th-28th September 2014. 

Elspeth Gold (left), Gail Risbridger and Francesco Elia Marino in occasion of the 10th International Congress of Andrology, Melbourne Australia. February 2013. The two academics pictured with Francesco here were the most influential mentors he ever had.