Undergraduate, master and PhD students associate supervision/lab support, University of Otago


Providing help to students recognising and stating problems that can be explored, forming and testing hypothesis, collecting data and drawing conclusion. Mentoring activity for teaching experimental protocols necessary for routine science research.

Demonstrator, Department of Anatomy, University of Otago


 ANAT333 (Male and Female reproduction)

Module included: Control of Fertility (male and female reproductive biology); Establishment and Maintenance of Pregnancy (including fertilization and conception through to the adaptation of the uterus to pregnancy, parturition and lactation); and Developmental Biology. Neuroendocrine regulation of reproduction. Female and male reproductive biology. Genetics of reproduction. Involved in marking students exams at the end of the course.

 ANAT 452 - INVITED LECTURER (Reproductive Biology) 

Responsible for the Module including hot topics in reproductive biology, presenting to students new advances in the development of the Male Contraceptive Pill and giving a general overview of Testicular cancer, treatments and state of art. Responsible for assessing and marking students performances at the end of the course.

Laboratory Support

Edward Ottley, Ph.D. Student (2012-2015)

Priya Ramarao, Ph.D. Student (2014)

Febbie Sangkop, Master Student (2013-2014)

Nemani Delaibatiki, Summer Student (2013-2014)

Jessica Wise, Honors Student (2014)

Kit Croxford, PGDip Student (2014) and Master of Science Student (2015)